Sensei Seikichi Iha

A "teacher of teachers," Sensei Seikichi Iha began his karate training in Okinawa more than 60 years ago, studying under the renowned masters, Sensei Shinpan Gusukuma, and Sensei Katsuya Miyahira.

Before coming to Michigan, Iha Sensei trained students in Okinawa, Japan, the Philippines, Guam, and Los Angeles, California. His Lansing dojo is now the headquarters for more than 30 North American schools and is frequently visited by karate practitioners from around the globe.

Iha Sensei is respected worldwide for his tremendous practical knowledge of karate technique as well as for his warm, engaging and expert teaching style. As he explains it, for Iha Sensei, teaching karate-do is much more than teaching self-defense. It is a way to learn about people through mutual cooperation and a way to form lifelong friendships. Iha Sensei believes that encouraging the development of cooperation, respect, friendship and healthy living through karate is of great importance. This philosophy is at the core of his instruction and daily interactions with his students.

It is Iha Sensei's hope that with the help of their training in karate-do, his students can learn to cope with any situation, be persistent, face problems with courage, take care of themselves, to realize their optimum potential and to feel good about themselves. He frequently tells his students that "Friendship and cooperation are the most important part of karate."